ULAYO: 5300 hectares / Month of emision: 2006

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ULAYO: 5300 hectares, Cerro de Pasco area The property consists of a system of 15 veins cutting Tertiary (Lower Calipuy) andesitic volcanics. The veins are spatially associated with clay chlorite silica altered granitic intrusions. Northwest trending folds in the andesite control the vein strike. The average width of the veins is just less than 1 meter

Three veins are between 1.5 and 2 meters wide and contain high grades according to the property owner. 11 of 75 samples grade between 1 and 2 opt AU. 6 samples grade between 16 and 25 ppm Au. 9 samples average 10 ppm Au. The veins are partialy oxidized quartz veins with pyrite, arsepnopyrite, and tellurides (calaverite). Material from one working was trucked to a plant for processing and yielded .223 opt Au from a 15 tonne shipment. There are two separate zones of interest on the property one with 5 veins and the other with 8 veins. This is a recent discovery in volcanics overlying the Marañon complex.

The owner is interested in concluding an exploration agreement on the property with a minimal cash payment sufficent to pay the claim fees. There are no informales in this area. A 5 day field visit is required to visit and sample the property.

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