GUYO Open ground - 5000 hectares.

High sulfidation quartz-alunite alteration system.
Radial system of structures. Two surface samples yielded values of 380 and 160 ppb Au from clay-quartz altered intermediate volcanics.

The principal mountain is comprised of unaltered recent volcanic porphyry covering quartz porphyry. An inferred diatreme of 8 km diameter is filled by a lake. Near the lake an altered porphyritic dacite occurs and is exposed over an area of about 1 km by 1 km. A 6 day field excursion is recommended for preliminary sampling and mapping.

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The geological targets are prepared by our geologists team according to:

  • The National prospectors network that has organized and
  • Direct contact with small and medium local mining companies.

Our members can select one or several geological sites reviewed every month and access to complementary information as well as doing confidential consulting by e-mail.

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