In the last 5 years, Mining Perú had worked under some of these modalities with mining companies as: BEAR CREEK, NDT VENTURES, HECLA MINING, BEMA GOLD. All of them were interested to be provided in geological centers in precious metals.


Each report will include a basic analysis of social, legal and ecological sensibility of the area based in our relationship with local Andean communities which we included since of moment of reconnaissance of the qualified area as geological site and we take part them of our work.

Each geological report issue by Mining Peru is prepared in an international format including also the following data:

  • Digitalized map (1/5000) of 4 KMS all over the prospect area with level bend (contours), rivers, local towns, highways.
  • Mapping of draw samples and geological maps on scale 1/5000
  • Cadastral map of the area with indication of the around owners or property of adjacent petitioners.
  • Satellite map and basic interpretation of the area on ENVI, ARCVIEW or hr.
GUYO Open ground - 5000 hectares
TAMBOCA Cerro de Pasco - new gold rush area (areal extent not reported)
ULAYO: 5300 hectares, Cerro de Pasco area
PUAMPA 2000 hectares, private owner, Puno
VOLCAN 2000 hectares, Puno
Mining Peru Team are Peruvian professionals juniors, specialized in low and high sulphuration systems with experience in Aruntani, Raura, Ingemmet and Yanacocha.
The reports offers you a system interpretation that could be enriched with Geologist seniors experience’s from mining companies contractors. We want to make a friendly alliance, of mutual benefit by a sustainable mining and with social
Our activity is based in the three gold rules used from ancestors Incas: Not to lie, to be laborious and not to steal
Business contact: Commentaries, proposals or details for negotiation: Mr. Jorge Perazzo
51 1 2638212 (spanish please) 1—602-499 2708 (USA)
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